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I have the motor, tranny, tranfercase, drivelines, sending units all in. The intercooler is in. I lack exhaust, a/c condensor, heater lines, heater grids, tons of misc... I was planning on starting it last night but never got it to turn. It made some white smoke but that is it. I am planning on taking it to a muffler shop to get the exhaust in once I get it started. I may drive in with the hood off and the downpipe straight up in the air. I have learned a lot with this project and I am looking forward to finishing it up.

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I enjoyed the conversation. I guess I need to meet Swank. I was checking out his intake and thinking it would probably be a lot better than this 2.5" stocker. I also fired this motor for a brief moment last night. I am fighting with the exhaust a lot. The turbo is exiting way to close to my heater hoses and the pipe on the back of the turbo that links to the exhaust downpipe just doesn't turn down fast enough to clear. This project has taken longer than I thought but my plans are to get it on a dyno after I get done with the conversion to get a base line. Then I will be adding injectors, pump mods, etc... It will be a lot of fun when it is done and should carry my family around with power to spare.

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