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1,000th member

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soon we will have member # 1,000 join our club website.

our sponser rip rook, at source automotive, http://idahoturbodiesels.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=102


is awarding to the 1,000th member, a 25$ gift certificate to be used towards a purchase at SOURCE AUTOMOTIVE. www.sourceautomotive.biz

thank you again RIP for continuing to support our club and it's members.

in addition, the individual member who refers the 1,000th member to the club will recieve, from IDAHO TURBO DIESELS, www.idahoturbodiesels.com a gift certificate of 25$ to be used towards the purchase of a product purchased at SOURCE AUTOMOTIVE. www.sourceautomotive.biz

congrats to member # 1,000 and thanks to all the members who continue to support and promote idaho's turbo diesel enthusiasts club and website. :cheer:

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You shouldn't have posted this Muddy. Now I gotta go out and create a bunch of yahoo and gmail accounts so I can create a bunch of new usernames on here til I get my prize. lol

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