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Unit 40 Archery

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Well I drew unit 40 early archery. A guy puts in every year never expectiog to draw. Then it happens. Well, with such late notice Idaho gives it just doesn't provide much time to get ready for such a great tag. Really any other year would of been better for me as well. I'm very pressed for time and funds. I will spend as much time out there as possable. I'm hoping someone here may have some sugestions to some areas. I do know the area some just not as well as I would hope to. I will be going out this week a couple times. Then I'm not able to get out till the end of the month. Any help would be much appreachated. I'm hoping someone here has hunted the early archery or knows someone I could talk to that is willing to give out some imfo. Those who have hunted the late hunt know the deer are not in the same areas as they are in the summer. Thanks for any help, I'm hoping to make this once in a life time tag come through. With a lot of luck it might just happen..

Thanks all, Phil

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Well got out there today. Good day, saw 14-16 bucks, with 2-3 good ones. Thanks for the imfo, lots of imfo for the late hunt just not much for early. The area I went in a good one with a lot of prospects.


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