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That's awesome. lol

You got cutoff jean shorts, flannel with the sleeves ripped off, a pair of red long johns, and coveralls with a wife beater. It doesn't get much more redneck then that.

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    • By jhornsby3
      He got a new one for the girls but it needed some work. I think he went overboard.

    • By Mopar1973Man
      Well gang...
      Tales of living in the country. Coming back from McCall, ID and past my neighbors place and notices a new runoff. That don't belong there. So I got home toss everything on the counter and hopped on the ATV and bailed up the mountain. With all the spring runoff the creek that supplies the irrigational dam is running high. The neighbor pulls water out above me and hasn't been paying attention much to his ditch. So with the high running water it pull all the debris down to a culvert and plugged it! So quick thinking using my poke stick I keep at this culvert I kept poking till I seen a whirlpool form... Gotcha!
      Now a bit of history the ditch was just dug out this last fall and water levels were low so now with high spring run off the ditch was washing all the debris down. The ditch has to go into a culvert and cross a feild and back to a ditch again. At the mouth of the culvert is 2 screens the first one plugged up and washed around it and then plugged up the second one. Even just 2 days ago I was up there and clean them both and went over to the neighbors house and told him to take a ride up for the next few days to keep an eye on it.
      It didn't happen...
      NOAA's forcast for us...
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