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High EGTS!

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I don't know what to say....

* AirDog 150

* Edge Comp set to kill (5x5)

* RV275 Injectors

* Stock HX35 Turbo

* Stock 3" exhaust straight piped


* IAT fooler in place and set to 143*F

Climb over any 6-7% grade in 4th gear at 53 MPH (2K RPM) and never exceed 1,000-1,100*F pyro... That hauling the Jayco behind me GCW of 16,000-17,000 pounds.

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id check for boost leaks just to make sure you are getting all the air produced. As far as what turbo, if you go that route? To many variations pertaining to specific goals to suggest a general turbo upgrade

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The only fueling mods that are not in my signature is a hotrod vp44 that was supposedly turned up from a stock hotrod pump. If I had boost leaks, would I still show good boost pressures at almost 30 or above?

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sounds to me either boost leak or you have more fuel then you think somehow. The best way i have found to test is to take a rubber end cap and put a tire nozzle in it, then clamp the snubber to the inlet of the turbo and pressurize the system and listen for leaks.


then just drill a hole and a insert the tire nozzle into the middle of it.

If you have no leaks then we can talk turbos cause then we know how much fuel we are working with.

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It does seem like you have too much fuel or not enough air or not enough timing (Or a combination of.....)!!

Of course on my truck, stock I had this problem. I put on 60 HP tips and it was bad enough that I had a hard time towing our toy hauler to OK up those hills between here and there. Even KA was bad because of the 'hills' and the head wind! Once I turned the Smarty back on and put it to like SW 7, it got a lot better! I had plenty of power and I wasn't backing out of it because I could keep it to 1000F a lot easier!! It is amazing what a difference the right 'combination' makes!!!

I also think you should do the boost leak check. It is easy and cheap enough. When you are looking for a problem, you really need to check everything (Unless you aren't like me: The thing I don't bother to check is usually the problem!)

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