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Is Ford Got Out a 'New' 'Mega Cab' . . . .

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My boy started a new job this week. He sent us this text pic of the boss' truck who is out here from Wisconsin. Seems someone might have done a little modding . . . . At least a little anyway!!


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I had seen one in Garden City the other day. It was a diesel crew/bronco but with a long bed on it. It was a wierd one for sure. Old enough that if was a fabbed job it should have shown the bondo. Not in the greatest of shape but kind of cool

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This one is not photoshoped! It is my boy's boss' truck! I'll ask him if he can figure out who did the work on it (If the boss doesn't know....) He said they have like three of these. This red one, a black one and a white one.

I just couldn't believe they used a 3/4 ton as the base truck..... And it would take a lot of room to maneuver this thing!!

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Theres a 2012 ford excursion up here in watford that is 6 doors and the guy has a pick up that is 6 doors. I will try to figure out how to post pics. Theres also a dually running around that has two rear axles.. Oilfield money! LMAO

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Shane, you know how to post pics by putting them in your photobucket file first and then using the code? I kind of think you were meaning how you would work it out to just get it done....

(if you needs me to post them for you then just text them to me and I'd be glad to get them in here for you!). It would be great to see those other trucks as well. I always like seeing what people can 'create'!!!

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