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I have to say that, boy was he busy.

Some if not the best dog I've seen. One of the hardest working, even though we have a pet, that I've ever seen. Always on the move and always healing. Not afraid of anything, other than the vacumme. And to tell you all the trueth, so am I.:lol:

If anybody has thought about a damn great pup, you need to do yourself a favor and get one of these while he has them. You won't be sorry.

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I've had a few and worked around a few more. That pup we got from you is one of the most energetic I've seen. She is a goer and wants to work. Can't say that about alot of them. The natural insticts and the way she works the kids and the other dog we have is very impressive. Smart enough to conserve energy and aggresive at the same time. She has no fear and won't back down either. This is not something that can be tought. It's all instinct that comes from mom and dad through great breeding, even if not on purpose.:rockin:

She goes from 5:30am when she wakes me up untill around 9pm with just a few "power naps" through the day.

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