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Largest load to date

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Yesterday I helped a neighbor bring back a pallet of retaining wall brick from Lowe's. There were 126 bricks on the pallet. They said it weighed approx 2700 lbs. I loaded it in the bed. Needless to say the truck squatted quite a bit.

Today we went back for 3 more pallets. I didn't think it would be a good idea to load them in the bed this time, so I took a trailer along with me.

3 pallets at approx 2700lbs each, plus the trailer. I figure the load was at least 9K, though I didn't scale it to find out exactly.

This pic is in the Big 5/Chipotle's parking lot, taking up about 9 spaces while I went to go get an awesome steak burrito.


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My MPG was pretty good too. Between the empty trailer to Boise and loaded back to Mtn Home, I got about 12.5 mpg, with the cruise set at 70mph. I was pleasently surprised at that.

That trailer didn't have 7 prong, it was only 4. I really didn't care for having that behind me without some brake controller/electric braking going on. But it's not the first time I've had to haul with that situation, so I just went with it.

I don't haul/tow nearly as much as having a truck like this dictates I should. But I have no problem putting in work when needed.

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