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Engine fan will not disengage

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I just recently replaced the fan clutch on my truck, and just like the old one I removed, it will not disengage. I talked to the auto parts guy about it and he says he has never seen one not disengage and told me to take it to the local mechanic to have it fixed. The fan will spin when the engine is off and I turn it by hand, but from a cold morning all the way up to 190 degrees, it's just a howling. Does the spring on the front of the fan clutch adjust anything? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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That little thermostatic coil on the front senses the temp and either turns one way to lock the clutch or back the other way to unlock the clutch. If the fan is howling with a cold engine then the clutch is defective and needs to be replaced under warranty.

It's a sealed unit and no serviceable parts...

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