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DAR and I hit some of the pawn shops and found this gem.

50cal. hawkens in very nice shape for $100.00 out the door.

If you know this gun at all you know that was a deal.


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Like stated above it depends on the brand.

I have seen others going for $1k and over. I have read alot about many manufactures and there is a bunch that I just wouldn't trust to put that close to my face. I would trust the Traditions 100%. A CVA not at all. There is many that would want to argue that but that is the one MFG that has had no known breech failures that I have seen, read or heard about. A buddy got one about a year ago and after several years of research, got one for $1500 used. It was an off brand made in south america somewhere. Those asking $500 for one by Traditions is smoking way too much wacky weed, in my opinion.

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