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Shotgun choke tubes

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I was looking around at chokes for my 870 Wingmaster Magum. Since I've had it since the early 90's and have only run 3 rounds through it. Thought I'd pull it out of the box and give it a good cleaning and maybe take it out to the skeet range.

Found this, hope it helps someone else.

Shotgun Choke Types

  • Full Choke
    • Most Dense Patterns

    [*]Modified Choke

    • Tight Pattern Around 30 Inch Group at 40 Yards
    • About 60% of Pellets in Group

    [*]Improved Choke

    • Tight Pattern Around 30 Inch Group at 40 Yards
    • About 70% of Pellets in Group
    • Used for Duck & Pheasant

    [*]Cylinder Bore Choke

    • No Constriction
    • Pattern Around 30 Inch Group at 40 Yards
    • About 40% of Pellets in Group
    • Used by Law Enforcement & Home Defense
    • Used for Quail & Grouse

    [*]Skeet Choke

    • Pattern Around 30 Inch Group at 25 Yards
    • About 50% of Pellets in Group
    • Most Effective for Shot Range
    • Used for Trap / Skeet / Competition Shooting


The shotgun choke determines the spread of the projectiles, to allow for a wide range of applications, with the same shotgun. All shotguns vary depending on brand, barrel, ammunition, and other factors.

The choke is basically a tapered constriction, which allows a controlled spread of projectiles. The shotgun patterns allow for a consistent spread. The chart displayed on the right can vary from firearm to firearm, and should be tested at the range for the desired constriction.

For best results shooting at your desired distance on a rest, will ensure that you have the proper group, and consistent results for the desired application. To determine what type of shotgun choke will work on your firearm, there is a useful link that will help determine the compatible chokes.


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