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Fel-Pro gaskets any good?

I saw a video over the weekend about someone rebuilding a Cummins 12v. The ring in the head gasket literally fell out. He was using gaskets from Victor Reinz. Thoughts from anyone?

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I used the Victor Reinz. I liked the gaskets. There is some that say to use nothing but the Fel Pro and some say to use only Victor Reinz. Having to redo my heads a couple times, I can say that those Victor Reinz gaskets have a good seal coating on them. Most of the ol time builders swear by them. Personaly I liked the coating on them over the fel pro and the metal around the front water jacket ties into the #1 and #2 fire ring. The Fel Pro did not. The Fel Pro has a seperat ring around the jacket. This is a very critical area because the jacket is only in the head at the front of the block. On the block it's open at the back of the block. When the gaskets fail it at the front two cylinders where the coolant will cavitate through and into the fire ring. But you can use what you want in *your* engine.

The gasket thread is like a glue thread on a wood working forum.

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