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2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L

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I need some ideas on this rig. The guy ran it into a 'puddle' and bent a rod and broke another. After putting it back together: it won't run on all 8 cyl. The guy I'm helping took it back apart and re-checked the timing chains (it has 3!!...). As best as we can find - it is timed correctly.

It won't really start. If it sort of fires it seems like it is only running on 6 or so.... Once it backfired out the intake. Another time it had plenty of flames out of both exhaust manifolds.

If anyone has any ideas to try or can look up things like the OEM timing procedure I would appreciate the help!

He has changed the plugs because someone told him if it has trouble starting it will foul them out.... ? He said once it started and ran good for a few seconds after changing the plugs but hasn't since....

I'm thinking the timing chains and wires to the coil packs are correct. I suspect some electronic gremlin.

What say you?

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Thank you! I forgot about them. They have it!! I hadn't been to their site in a long time. . . .

Hey everyone! If you need a FSM for your truck, they have a lot of our trucks manuals now. Grab what you need while you can!

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I guess he cured it..... He put the timing set back together (I helped him pull it apart the other day because we were both pretty sure it was out of timing. When we got it apart, it was in perfect time . . . . . ) and towed it to a mechanic. I agree with him that it just about has to be an electronic problem.

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