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New Model: Laramie Limited 2012

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Are you still one of those people who assumes the words pickup and luxury can’t go hand in hand? Get over it. And to help further convince you to do so, Ram is introducing the top-o’-the-line Laramie Limited. We still aren’t sure why Chrysler brands go with the label of Limited, because it sure seems those branded with it are anything but. This truck will include full-leather seating, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, as-expected chrome, 17-inch polished-aluminum rims on the HDs, navigation, backup camera, remote start, and heated seats and steering wheel. The biggest shocker? The Cummins badge will be absent; Ram is going for a clean “street truck†look. Those are Chrysler’s words, not ours. You can rectify that mistake by ordering your own Cummins badge at the dealership—PN: 55078116AA.

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Come to think of it..... I think mine is missing the 'C' emblem.... I had to take it off to clear the BushWhacker Pocket Flares. I planned on putting it back on.... Guess I forgot to!

These new trucks are growing on me.... Watch out!! I might have to bring one home someday.... (I hope!)

As far as comfortable and decked out; the new ones are showing us how nice it can be. That is for sure.

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That is the draw back to one of those new trucks.....

As for the emblem: You got to understand where I come from. My bro took his off just to put on 'HEMI' badges...... So just because I have mine off for a while, it's no big deal.... I do plan on putting them back on!

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