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so whats it worth

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Yeah obviously he messed up big. He thought he could hide it from his wife by using his business cell. That made it worse. If he would have used a personal phone, no one would know how many times or how often he talked to this chick. He's got enough money, he should have had a second personal cell that had the bill sent to his office.

But at the same time, the media is digging way too deep. We don't need to know how many times he called this chick between the hours of 8:43am and 4:13pm on the second wednesday of the third month of their relationship. His wallet will be hurting more then his neck though once his wife takes him to the cleaners.

On a side note, she's hot, and he made her famous.


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i agree you are right its none of our business, but he made it public knowledge by getting caught, its just funny that people that are supposedly smart think they can fool around and not have any consequences, if he is out of a job for a year and his wife doesnt clean him out it still costed him 6000.00 a day he was talking to her as for being hot, yes she is.

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