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    • By 4Play
      The date and location has been set for the ITD website photo and October dinner meet/BBQ.  Bring a dish, your favorite beverages, and possibly a chair or two.  The photo will take place first and then we will be following @MUDDY to a luxurious BBQ site. 
      The location of the photo shoot will be NW of Parma just past
      43°49'18.48"N, 117° 0'44.82"W
      Fort Boise WMA - Idaho Fish and Game - Conservation Department
      20847 Old Fort Boise Rd
      Parma, ID 83660
      at the end of the road near the river.  We will try to get our fearless leader @MUDDY to arrive a little early and post a couple plates or signs at the end of the road with directions to the exact location.  We are looking to get the photo shoot done in a minimal amount of time so please try to arrive at 10:00 am.
    • By millco
      I don't know if we missed this or not.  This was back in 2013 that they built engine number 2,000,000 for Dodge Ram PickUps.  It is a video that follows the engine through it's assembly.  I think it is pretty cool to watch!
      Cummins Builds Ram Engine # 2 Million
    • By millco
      Hi all,
       I'm hoping someone can come up with a shop manual for a 2003 Nissan Sentra.
      Last Sat it died.  I found it had no spark.  The crank position sensor went bad.  New one cured it and it ran to Boise and for several days after that.
      It died again.  I got Rocketman to diagnose on it.  No spark again (it has COP - coils on spark plug.  3 seem to be good and 1 might be bad....?)!  The crank sensor is good though.  There is 12V and ground to the coils and to the crank and cam sensors.  While cranking the computer tells the scan tool that spark advance is changing (it claims 63 deg. advanced before you start cranking!!), that the starter reaches 240 RPM and so on.  So I'm stumped....  Any ideas?  Anyone have a book?
      The other one is a '01 Corolla.  It lost oil pressure.  I'm attempting to get the pan off because cutting open the filter looks like everything there was ok and had no metal from the engine!!  I'm not going to check the sender!!  It sounded louder than a 24V Cummins....  I can't get the pan off.  I don't know what they used for gasket maker but the bolts were definitely not needed!!  I've hit it with a propane torch and had no progress with a hammer and chisel....  Any ideas there would be appreciated also!!
    • By fryhan
      7.3 engine, complete with turbo, fuel system and flywheel. ready to put in and drive. new IPR valve, ICP sensor, Adrenaline HPOP melling m208 low pressure oil pump and more. Newer garrett turbo as well. $2000 obo. call or text 208-272-1979 or 208-989-2996 or email rjmorris4386@gmail.com
    • By IDMooseMan
      I have a 1991 Wilderness 24M. The bottom of the living room door fell off. I'd like to see if the door can be replaced, possibly both, and have new weatherstrip installed, too. I'm not sure if I want to attempt this repair myself. If replacement doors are available, I'd like to know what they cost. I'd also like to obtain an estimate for the having the repair done at your shop.
      I'm having foot surgery tomorrow, (Friday, 1/17/2014), so no rush on scheduling an appointment to have you look at the trailer.
      My cell number is 208-514-9908.
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