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Called out on SAR's...

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Something I gotta share with you all...


I return home... Tired... But a 46 year old male is safely heading home without injury. woot2.gifhyper.gif

What had happen is that pair of hikers camped out at Kirkwood Ranch on the Snake River. Took off together to head out to Suicide Ridge and the male hiker desided he going to take a different trail back to camp. The female hiker which was older didn't follow she return to camp. By evening he did return back. confused2.gif So SAR's was called out. I left the house this morning at 6am MDT (no I did set my clock! mad0235.gif)But I made it to Riggins, ID on time but no one was there. So my buddy James called dispatch and our IC commander told use to meet him at Cow Creek Saddle. So we left town and got to Lucile, ID and rode the ATV's up to Cow Creek Saddle not knowing if the road is passible with truck and trailer. Cold and Dark we get our orders to head for Kirkwood Ranch.


Well we meet up with the other officer in Kirkwood Ranch and was given more information on the hiker. So now we got dispatch to follow the trail backward that he would of taken to see if we can find him coming out. So after hiking for over 4 hours in steep country by about 11:30am they got a air ship to fly the canyon and found the hiker approx. 1 mile from where we where on the ridge heading his direction. But what was odd when he start running out of water instead of hiking down towards the river he kept hiking up. The found him up near the snow line dehydrated.

So we all head back to Kirkwood Ranch to regroup and head for home. At this time a snow storm had blown in. confused0049.gif I'm in the bottom of a canyon and looking up the trail I've got to ride out of and it nearly a white out. So I pour the coals to the ATV with James on the back and beat feet up the steep trail. When we hit the ridge top we were being hit with sleet, hail, and snow all at once and blowing hard. sad0092.gif Now losing visiablity with a near white out condition. But keep plugging along the trail slowly. Manage to get back to IC commander and its blow snow sideways. We passed a fuel can around filled up and packed and left Cow Creek Saddle. Working our way down to the Salmon River (Lucile, ID) I was coated in snow... My glasses fogging and freezing with ice hard to see but kept going. About half way down it warmed up enough to turn to rain and WHEW! Now I can see and beat feet for the truck!

So here I am... I'm home... I helped in searching for a lost hiker that is returning home safely. fing02.gif

I'm tired and very sore...

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When i first saw the title with "SARS" in it, i thought it was that disease from asia everyone was scared of 10 years ago lol.

It's awesome that you commit your time and resources to help find people who get in over their heads. and its great that it was a happy outcome. my dad has been doing search and rescue for 15+ years in montana and the past couple months havent been pretty, so its good to hear a story with a happy ending!

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