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front grill issue...

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is it just me or is there anybody else out there having a hard time with the studs breaking that secure the grill to the hood? iv gone through three grills so far so now i just redneck zipp tied it on, im also running an aftermarket hood:wall:

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just a guess, but I'd say your aftermarket hood is probly the cause. Aftermarket parts are not exact duplicates of the factory pieces...legally...they can't be, and I've run into issues with fitment with them in the past.

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That is what I'm going to guess (the aftermarket issues)....

Can you tell what is causing the studs to break? Is the grill hitting anywhere it isn't supposed to or is the hood not supporting it like it should (along those lines: is there any brackets missing)? Hopefully you can figure out what is causing this and prevent it!! I wouldn't be against trying to put bolts in there to replace the broken studs (maybe with fender washers).

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