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fuel pin location and modification

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Ok, this has come up quite a bit lately so I thought I would do a write up on where/how do I locate/grind/install my fuel pin?

1)Ok, looking at the Injection Pump (IP) you will see a cover attached with 4 screws, and a small circular cap in the center (smoke screw adjustment is under that small cap) and on the rear of the pump is a boost pressure line.

2)Start by removing the boost PSI line, there r 2 copper washers so be careful not to loose these!

3)Now remove the 4 screws, pull the top off.

4)You will see a rubber diaphram, this is the fuel pin, just pull it out.

5)On the fuel pin you will notice a deep, and shallow side, in stock form the shallow side will be facing toward the front of the truck.

6)Now you can either reinstall the fuel pin with the deep side facing toward the front of the truck, or make the "old smokey fuel pin."

7)Should you deside to grind the pin, just find a dremel tool or what ever you want to use, this is hardened steel so dont be afraid here, just keep a good smooth "ramp" and take it right down to whatever depth you desire, personally, just grind it down so at the neck its about 1/16 of an inch thick, this will give you the most horse power gain.

You will also need to get into the neck as far as possible, so as to keep the fuel rack from defueling when the pin is at full travel.

(With the pin removed you will see a star wheel, this is another adjustment you can make.)

8)Now reinstall your pin with the nice new cut you just made facing the front of the truck, inserting it into the tension spring and nylon washer.

9)Reinstall the cover with the 4 screws, and put the boost line back on, your done!

After about a week or so of driving with this, pull the pin and observe the "trail" the fuel rack leaves on the pin, this will tell you if you may need to do more fine tuning (grinding) on the pin.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for following this procedure, I tried the best I could to be as detailed as possible. Good luck and have fun. The whole process takes about an hour, and you WILL increase Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) (your adding more fuel to the fire obviously)


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