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How to fix your fuel shut off solenoid

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Some of you asked how you fix your fuel shut off, well if you have the common problem like i did where the solenoid wouldn't pull it up but when you went a pushed the arm up manually it stays in place until you shut the truck off. Well this is how you fix it, you can go to geno's garage and spend 13 bucks plus shipping or go to your local napa and ask them for a 14 gauge fusible link. The link you want to replace is a blue wire coming from your driver side battery on the positive terminal. All you do it cut the hold one off, and install the new one from napa with a butt connector. Problem solved! And to think, it only cost you $4! FYI the fusible link from Napa is not blue in color, but it is the same one that's on your truck right now. Blue is just a color that dodge uses and has nothing to do with any other none dodge part you buy at the store, just ask for the 14 gauge fusible link, spend five minutes installing it and your on your way! Hope this helps! :ok:

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