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Drop Valve Method to Find TDC

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The timing pin on the injection pump is fine for adjusting valves but I've seen the pin off up to 3*.

Not good enough for setting the timing.

Use this method instead:

1) Get the engine to compression stroke (both exhaust and intake valves closed) on #1, but before the estimated TDC,

position a dial indicator on exhaust valve spring after removing all lash,

2) Tighten exhaust valve to .100 past zero lash,

3) Bar engine CW EASY till stops on exhaust valve and shows .002-.003 deflection,

4) Mark dampner clearly near reference point such as sensor,

5) Back exhaust valve lash off to zero or more,

6) Bar engine CW past estimated TDC,

7) Tighten exhaust valve to .100 past zero lash again,

8) Bar engine CCW EASY till stops on exhaust valve and shows same deflection as before .002-.003,

9) Mark dampner clearly at the same reference point,

10) Back off and reset exhaust valve lash to specs,

11) Mark dampner exactly between two previous marks = TDC,

12) Bar engine CCW well past TDC and then back CW to the new TDC mark to remove any gear lash.

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