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kind of cool deal mike has been workin on.

go to very bottom of page in gray bar. far left side you will see a box w/ a drop down menu. click some of the choices there and have a look. pretty awesome. :ok:

mike has a lot of cool things up his sleeve to be put in place. 8-)

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Thanks Muddy...

I've been working on giving the site a new look and feel. So here is what is going on I'm working at making the site as user friendly as possible with smaller netbooks and laptops. Also came up with a idea of custom themes for each forum area. So like the ATV area...


I created a banner from a picture here on the site and then sampled the colors from that picutre to create the theme of the page rather simple to do. I want to get a good clean picture of a ATV or UTV and replace the truck in the title banner. Then possibly using the same image for status icon of all the post too...

Home page...


This color scheme is not set in gold... I want to get a good picture of all 3 diesel truck in a parking lot or at a campsite and be able to use it in the title banner which is missing right now.

As for other pages I want to follow the same idea with the brands. Like get a good clean picture of a 1st gen Dodge and use it in the banner etc. 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, Ford, Chevy etc... It going to take the help from you guys and gals to get this done. So stay in contact with me and we'll make changes to the site.

Oh yeah you might want to change back to your old theme...


Just to make things simple it might be a good idea to stay on this thread with new information, art etc...

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still workin on pics from the Christmas event. then i gotta get those from last camp trip and off road pickup run :ok:

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