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WVO and an 82 Mercedes Diesel

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Sevenbravo and XYZ,

I know both of you have Diesel powered Mercedes Benz cars that have been set up for WVO. What I want to know is the following:

  1. How much did it cost to do the setup in the car?
  2. How do you guys filter the WVO prior to putting it in the car?
  3. Has the set up been reasonably trouble free?
  4. How much money do you have invested in the WHOLE set up? (Car setup, filtration set up, etc.)
  5. Are there things you would do different if you had it to do a second time? If so, what?
  6. Are there things to avoid?
  7. Do you guys run the WVO in the winter? If so, do you have a tank heater?

Last question is specifically for Sevenbravo:

Would you be interested in giving me pointers and helping by supervising my install if I were to get a car? I actually want to do the work, I would just feel so much more comfortable with a set of experienced eyes there as a guide.

The answers I get here will determine if I make an offer on a 1982 Mercedes Benz 300D that I tested out today.

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My number is 208-808-3931. Seven Bravo and myself both have the same grease setup. Plus I converted his Cummins. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $1000 to $2000 to do it right. The bells and whistles make it more fun but acount for the preice difference. As far as cleaning fuel that can be hard or easy. If you have a good source that takes care of the oil for you it is the easiest. If you are dumpster diving or getting it from a barrel it is not worth it. I am running a lot of equipment with veggie and if you'll call I'll be happy to explain.


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You can call me as well. 208-559-1389 (Im out of the country until the 20th though) You are welcome to visit my house and see my filtration setup. I have been getting 3000-6000 miles per filter. But I get good, clean oil to start with. My system has been trouble free. We have just about passed the 10,000 miles mark on the Benz. Call me, then come check out both the Dodge and the Benz.


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Will do doug. I'll give you a call after you come back and setup a visit with you some time in June. I'm going to pick up the Benz on Monday

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The grease car system will not get you enough heat. The golden fule sytem is worse. If you want the very worst you could go to Lovecraft. I don't think I can stress enough no,no and no. Go Frybrid, Plantdrive, VegPower, or make your own. There are two very important thigs to remember her. Heat and clean fuel.

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