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Is that from Ketchum? I have seen this pic before but never spotted the rig that belongs to it. If it is indeed Cummins it would be awesome for sure!! Anyone know the scoop on these? Or this one?

(I got an 'extra' cab in my recent travels . . . . I told the Mrs. just the other day that I have an idea for the '92! Since it is just a regular cab right now.......)

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has a crewcab mated to a ramcharger rear clip. cool :ok: tis cummins according to the emblem. [and who would go to all that work on a lowly gasser?] dont remember where it is from

love to hear details on your ideere :ok:

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Oh, I may get myself in trouble but:

I haven't had a regular cab p.u. for a very long time. I really like my '92 Cab and Chassis but it is just a regular cab. I got a cab when I went for my bed to convert this on back to a p.u. I will take the service box and put it on a trailer! So, I got to thinking; if I took, that 'extra' cab and grafted the doors on my '92 I would wind up with a 4 door with all the doors being full sized!! Would be kind of neat. (I just need another project like another hole in my head....)

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