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we are new to the area and the wifes truck got rolled in august i have fixed everything on te truck and got it up and going. all we need to find now is a couple of vacume pumps for a 89 213hp 5.9

if anyone knows where i can get those vacume pumps its all we need to have brakes

thx jeff

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well where do i start

the wifes truck is a 88 f350-4dr 4x4 with 92-97 front clip and complete interoir. and a stock 213hp 5.9 cummins sitting on 38's

my truck is a 94 f350 4dr-4x4 with a stock 91 5.9 cummins adapted to the ford 5-speed

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Welcome to the club!! That is a nice collection you have there indeed! Hopefully everyone was / is ok from that unfortunate event!

Is that a factory HP rating? If so, I'm guessing that is the Marine 'edition'?

Anyway, I'll do some checking around and let you know if I find anything! As far as I know, you can use any of the vacuum / power steering pumps from any of the Cummins from '89 to '98. There were two different styles though. The earlier ones had the vacuum pumps kind of to the side (They stick out farther from the engine.). The later ones had them more inline or closer to the engine block. This later design places the power steering pump farther back though. I went with this later design on my 12V for my conversion because the IH frame is narrower than the Dodge and this helped give me some needed clearance. Either style will fit the VE injection pump without any mods (Except for maybe the brace at the back of the VE pump that goes down to the block. I guess I didn't get that far yet . . . )

I've never got to be around any of these conversions like you have so I don't know if there are any clearance issues. I can provide pics of both pumps if it helps any. Hopefully this will open up possible sources of a replacement pump for you!! Keep us posted!

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