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schematics for troubleshooting fuel guage issues

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I got these from the dealership, they're for a 96, but should work on some of the other years. Figured someone else might be looking for these. Hope this helps some.




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Thanks. These schematics were a lifesaver tonight. My gauge hasn't worked since I got the truck, and I'd already canceled out the sending unit as being the problem, since I could see a change in ohms as I raised and lowered the float. Without knowing what wires went into the back of the cluster, I wouldn't have been able to do anything at all. I started out testing the grounds, and they were all good, so the only other things it could have been was a bad gauge or the line running from the sending unit to the cluster. It ended up being the wire going to the cluster. I didn't feel like trying to track that wire down the entire frame, into the mess of wires that went up to the cab, so I just spliced a new one in at the connector on the tank, and to the wire going to the back of the cluster. Turned the truck on, and voila! the gauge works again.

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