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avec responce pix

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as some of you guys know ive been a member of a.v.e.c for quite some time (we are a voulenteer ems/search and rescue.. basiclly anything and everything we do minus play with hoses) and for the first time. somehow we had a freelance photographer near our base when we got a 911 call and were pulling out (911 call is intensly rare for us)

anyway he got a good picture as we have half of the house about to pull out ( we have a total of 8 bays.. ) not bad for a building built in 53.lol. (about the last time it was worked on also :( )

to bad he didnt get a picture of our convoy :( we had both of our ambulances our suburban, hten the command crew also.. which consists of a duramax and 2 suburbans. all running code. it was pretty cool. first time ive ever seen us run code together..


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its not mo.. its ill.. alton.

right across the bridge from north county mo..

if youve ever heard of fast eddies bon air we are real close to that..

we are a part of madison county emergency management if you know madison county..

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