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Dana 50 TTB Alignment

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Can any shop truly align a Dana 50 TTB or is it a dealer only deal? They've got to turn the camber bushings. Bruneel (or however it's spelled) pulled the truck onto the alignment machine and told my wife everything was dead nuts. I'm getting bad feathering on the inside of my passenger front tire. Everything in the axle is new and so are the ball joints. I've got new Moog tie rods and drag link on my living room floor right now. After I install new parts, I want to bring it to the right shop, not one that pretends to do an alignment.

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I've always had the Les Schwab in merdian align mine. I usually have something done to the front that prevents a perfect alignment, but I just tell them to get it as close as possible. It's usually only off by a degree so rotating the tires stops you from noticing. I just had my 93 aligned last weekend after I installed an AAL and poly bushings.

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Yeah, they schedule 2 hours to align it so they go through it all. They usually have to replace my camber bushings due to the extra springs I install. Check out my alignment before I went in. Also be aware that due to the extra work, come extra cost, $150 to align these.


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