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VP44 problems - Getting tired of the BS!

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Ok first of let me vent here a second... (You've been warned!)

I got a phone call from a gent this evening upset at his truck because of hard starting and P1689 error code randomily coming. He admits he's got a Raptor fuel pump, Edge Juice and 100 HP injectors. That fine... But the admits he's selling it because he's tired of all the VP44 failures and problem.

WHOA! Stop the train... This is where I'm getting really tired of people giving the VP44 a bad name now pay attention.

Now I asked him of his source of fuel. His response is he's running red dye fuel from a farm tank because its free.

Then ask him of the the fuel filter he's running. His response is a cheap wix/napa filter.

So now whining about VP44 failures but he's feeding it dirty watered down fuel and using cheap filters and wonder why the VP44 are not lasting. rolleye0011.gif VP44 injection pump are a great pump and work very very well only if you feed them right...

  • Fuel lubricity of <450 HFRR (He admits in using 2 cycle oil happy0159.gif)
  • Fuel pressure of >14 PSI (Raptor pump and no lower than 16 PSI happy0159.gif)
  • Filters of <10 Microns
  • Little to no water (We all know farm fuels get water from time to time from sitting in the weather rolleye0011.gif)

So what I'm finding out is people are abusing the pumps by cheating and then blame the pump for the poor quality of fuel and filters used. I'm really getting sick and tired of all the VP44 bashing... mad0137.gif


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When I was in high school many moons ago learning GW-BASIC and Pascal programming languages, my teacher told me one thing that has stuck with me all these years:

Garbage in, garbage out.

While the VP44 was meant to be a temporary solution for emissions so the HPCR could be developed, it was still a good pump. However, if you're not picky about your maintenance, fuel source, types of oil you use, and filters ...... you don't need to be behind the wheel of a diesel, much less own one.


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Isn't that the truth!! It holds true with a lot of things actually. . . .

It doesn't take a 'rocket scientist' to look at this filter spread sheet and see exactly which filters are better than others. Then you just assemble what you like or need for your purpose and run with it. I am seriously thinking about putting a 2 uM on the '92. I know it doesn't need it but it sure won't hurt it either! Course I may look into adding a little used motor oil into it's 'diet' also so then I would feel a lot better with a 2 uM fuel filter in the system.

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After all the time of hearing VP44 failure and how bad VP44 pump are... I now know what every VP44 rebuilder is fighting every day. Where VP44 owners are cutting corners on fuel quality and filters and feed it dirty nasty fuel from gawd knows where.

Why is that you here the same guy bragging about AMSOil in every hole but feed the fuel tank with worse garbage he can find? Why is this? Then blame the VP44 for being a $hitty pump. rolleye0011.gif

I'll admit there is a few actual short life span pump that failed premature but not as often as the big forums as pushing it... fing03.gif

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What think makes you think pump fuel is any better than red fuel.


One looks like green cow piss one red

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Red dye and highway diesel comes from the same tap. There are produced the same. So the HFRR score is the same. The only thing they do is add red dye to the fuel make it off road fuel for tractors and equipment. Basically, the only difference is the price.

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Remember tax evasion is a FEDERAL crime. Last time I heard its a $1,000 per gallon of fuel in the tank for a fine in Idaho.


I've heard all the dumb reasons on using red dye fuel to being cheaper in price, to the HFRR score was better (not true), more BTU and better MPG on red dye (again not true). The stories and BS I've heard about using red dye crazy. 

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I thought earlier you were hinting that green diesel was better than red.


Ive seen no difrince on green red or jp8 

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