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woman attacked by wolf near emmet idaho

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Rumor has it that this huge wolf was taken near Emmett, Idaho.

Here is a copy of the email we received about wolf attacks:

“This wolf came running toward Rene last night to attack her. She had to drop her bow & pull her pistol. She shot it in the head about 10 feet from her. She had to shoot it a couple more times to actually kill it. Crazy! This – not even a week after Shane’s dogs were killed by wolves.”

He also told about a group of hunters being guided by a local outfitter in his email. Here’s what they said:

“Took a group of out-of-state elk archery hunters from the Great Lakes region last week. They ended up calling in a pack of 17 wolves by elk cow calling. None of the hunters had a sidearm or wolf tag and it was a very traumatic experience. The wolves surrounded us. All of those hunters went home early, very disturbed claiming that these wolves are very different from the Great Lakes wolves. These Idaho wolves actually “hunt” you, and were not afraid!”

Folks better all pack their side arms when in the foothills or back-country (a lot of us do anyway). .44 mag or .357 mag would suffice. Be careful out there.


Update – here is what I received this morning in regards to that wolf (same story, just different location): “It happened Monday, Sept 26. Headquarters is a town (…) on Idaho State Highway 11.”

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I have always liked a .45 ACP. Hope that is 'enough' for the job if it ever occurs!!

About 5 years ago my boys and brother and I were hunting up near Salmon. On a Sunday during the day we had a pack of wolves start tracking us. They didn't seem real bold though as they never showed us even one hair. Maybe they didn't like it when we changed and started hunting them. I don't know but I don't think I would really recommend any one ever heading out doors without a trusty side arm always at the ready!

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sturdy frame .357 mag with 'dick loads' would do a good job on one of them dogs....... :ok:
I have several boxes of .38-Special 110 Jacketed-Controlled Expansion ammo labeled, "For Law Enforcement Use Only"

"Not For Retail Sale"

"Pressure Levels Exceed Industry Standards"

on the boxes.

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Confused on this one, Muddy. I'm from Emmett, and I have never heard about this one. The link and video doesn't say anything about being near Emmett, but rather it being North Idaho.

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Good catch Red!! The video does say Pierce, ID and that Rene Anderson is a loan officer up there...... For some reason I thought somewhere had said she is a professional guide....

She did good!!

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