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Headgasket swap come'n soon

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gonna try to get my headgaskets done this coming weekend. Managed to pick up a set of '93 6.5 TD heads without a single crack in them...they look pretty new...I'm still in awe that there aren't any cracks. Picked up a DB2 4911 pump too, tho I'm not sure I wanna stick that on just yet. I'll put the heads on when I do the gaskets, but I think I may wait til I have a gauge set before I put the 4911 on. Ended up with 2 sets of injectors too...they're undoubtedly bigger than my 6.2 injectors so I may turn my pump down a bit while I'm in there...I'm a little paranoid bout EGTs without a gauge.

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I did actually try that, and it slowed the leaking down but it hasn't stopped...if I were still lookin at several months of summer I wouldn't worry too much bout it. I expect it to get alot worse, much faster now with this colder weather so I'm gonna just go ahead and replace'm while I'm in control of the circumstances.

BTW, the headgaskets started puking out oil too last week...its definately time.

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got'm done over the weekend...dam what a job...love the ARP studs but had one helluva time get'n them in on the left bank. Was gonna upgrade to 6.5 heads til I noticed one of'm had a valve problem so I put my old heads back on. I think the tooling musta been messed up when they punched the dowels and bolt holes in my block on the drivers side cause I had the same problem with both the 6.5 head and the 6.2 head that I had just taken off...holes didn't line up for shit and I ended up doin some filing on the head to get the ARP studs in. For some reason, she smokes a little more than before and my power is down a little but seems to be running great. I did notice that the new head gaskets were different. I used felpro gaskets (the blue coated type) and the ones I took out were felpro printaseals. The printaseals ended up being about .005" thinner crushed than the new ones. I did bump the pump timing a little more when I put it back together so maybe thats where my extra smoke and slight loss of power is come'n from.

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