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Front Sight Training Certificate Offer

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Is anyone else on the Front Sight mailing list? They're celebrating their 16th Year and have, IMHO, a VERY good deal going on for their 4-day Mid-Week (Mon - Thur) Defensive Handgun Courses. These courses normally run about $2000.

They're offering discounted course certificates for $100 each for up to four certificates.

Order five certificates, you receive two additional certificates for free...so that's $500 for a total of seven certificates.

Order 10 certificates, you receive two additional certificates for free (total of 12) AND you receive a Springfield Armory XD Pistol (9mm or .40SW) for free, while they last, of course.

These certificates are fully transferable and have no expiration date so they can be used any time you decide.

I've been on their mailing list for a very long time, nearly the entire 16 years, and this is the best deal I've seen from them. The best part is, I actually have $$$to spend this time.

So, would any of you folks like to order with me? Depending on how many are interested, we can decide how we want to divide up the free stuff.

Of course, this offer expires 10/31/2011 or while supplies last.

Anyone interested in purchasing as a group? I need to know soon so I don't miss out waiting for responses.

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I saw this too and this is a great idea Craig!!! Way to go!!! (I don't think I can participate though do to funding problems right now........ If that were to change though I will definitely let you know!!)

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I plan on purchasing one certificate; more if I can swing it. I'd need to have some info (name and how many certificates), and the cash, in order to make the purchases before the 10/31/2011 deadline. We'd need to decide how to distribute the free certificates (if we have five or more certificates ordered) between the group.

I don't want to sound pushy, but I need info soon.

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