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FPR Screen

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OK now you fellas have gone an done it now.:mad: You just made me feel like the Worst truck owner on the planet.:lmao2: I cleaned the FPR screen this morning and now I feel terrible. :puke: I bought my baby 10 or so years ago with only 109000 miles on her. Now she has 378000. I never new that screen existed. I feel like such a schmuck:wall:I haven't taken her for a drive yet but she will have to feel much better now. I will have to buy her some fuel treatment or new tires or some thing as an apology:roll:. Craig I would still like to connect with you to check fuel pressure some time. Thanks to those that are willing to share there knowledge here on ITD with those of us that lack.I took a pic of the screen:D:ford:burn



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I'm not a fan of using 2-cycle, but that's just my opinion. Seems like there was a study done some time ago, but I don't remember.

Anyway...Scott, give me a call. I'll send you a PM with contact info...oh, wait, I already did. Did you not receive it? Muddy was saying the notification system may not have been working properly.

Let me know if you didn't get it and I'll send it again.

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good info on the diesel place test thread.

i use 2 stroke. their results on the test is a half dose compared to what most of us run at 1 oz per gallon.

good info on how they all stack up ...

thanks phil for posting that thread :ok:

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