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It is turning out to be impossible! (Seems most companies are doing it in one form or another!)

My job is being outsourced as I type.......... Still don't know what I will be doing or where or even if I still have a job. . . . .

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Hey, I forgot to say:

'When ever this happens just tell who ever is on the phone that you want to speak to a U.S. citizen immediately. Stress that it has to be someone who can speak English fluently and that you want this taken care of right now!!'

The last time this happened to us my wife called Hewlett Packard because someone scammed a laptop off her credit card and shipped it to some dude in Chicago. She came out of the house all mad from the conversation that she couldn't understand. I told her to do this (Demand to speak to someone in the U.S.) and that we wanted this taken care of immediately!! I told her to stress that this was their screw up and that it was going to cost them the $1,600 and not us!! Putting it that way to them they figured it out pretty quick. In fact, they were able to stop delivery just before it took place so these dirt bags didn't even get their laptop for free!!

The main thing is to just tell them that this isn't going to fly!! They do have alternatives in place when this happens and they can get you to someone who can speak English and can actually take care of the problem.

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