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one more law to take our vehicle choice away.

this one affects our freedom of choice and what we do to our rigs in kalifornia......

new law........ if you go to a tire shop and want to replace a tire, you must replace your tire with the size and ply that is stated on your door jamb sticker. example: dutch and di were in kali. the 96 has 235/85/16s. came with 215's. the tire shop was not able to legally install a matching 235/85/16 10 ply. since it came with 215's in an 8 ply that was all they could legally put on the truck. :wall: envoro-mental retarded bullshit!!!! fact is with the 4.10s this truck has the slightly taller tires is a benefit.

and also,,,,, another attrocity! [sp]

4.10s have been offered on our rigs since day one. the feds, in their infinate wisdom ordered chrysler to do a recall on 2500 and 3500 cummins powered 3rd gen trucks with the G-56 6 speed tranny equippped with 4.10 gear ratio. chrysler MUST take the trucks back and install 3.73's. so as to be more, ''ENVIRO FRIENDLY''.... wtf!!!!!

THEY THINK THE GEAR RATIO IS TOO 'LOW'!!!!!! and these tree huggers are screwing with our vehicle choice. like they have the knowledge to decide what we need to do our towing jobs!!!!!!!!!!!! in fact, while towing, the 4.10s would make your towing rig work easier and emmit less particulates and use less fuel when towing depending on load and speed. wouldnt matter anyway....... you paid for the 4.10s and ordered them to do a job. if they try to remove my gear ratio of choice they will have a war........ :gun2:

time for the reveolution boys. :popcorn:

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I had a G-56 equipped 3rd gen so I can see where they are coming from (I actually agree that transmission needs taller gears).

BUT: They are going about this all the wrong way!! If it would help so much than they should have 'talked' Chrysler into voluntarily asking for anyone that wanted to come in and have their gears changed out for free to do so. If this change would have been so good then why not offer other ratios other than just 3.73?

Apparently the 'Stupid Machine' is in over drive and working full time now........

Same situation with the tires!!! It used to be there was a 'range' of acceptable tires for each vehicle. There is nothing wrong in putting different tires on a rig (Within Reason!). Case above was an upgrade and better in all areas!!! Stupid tree huggers can't see fact from fiction or reason from wild hysteria!!

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i am sure that my 4.10 cummins that is using for towing and hauling is using less fuel and is working easier and is in fact emmiting less emmisions.

as to the tires,,,,, if i need th big traciton tires,,,, i need them. let me have the gears to turn them with ease.

do not mess with my God given freedoms........... let common sense rule...........

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fact..... i have 4.10s...... nv4500. and a gear vendor. i rarely drive in double overdrive due to alweays driving loaded to full gcvwr..... and when i drive empty i hardly ever drive in double od as i do not drve at the speed that double od is most eficient........ i drive for economy. fact. many here will testify........

i do not want bastard sumbitches dictating to me......... i choose my gears and tires to do the job and the results are better mpg and less emissions with my style of driving and the load i carry.

if they force me to use small streeet tires on my 4WD rigs,,,,,,,,,, will they have obamas tow service come rescue me from a snow drift courteasy of our tax dollars........ um,,,,,,,, doubt it...... :fu:

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