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'92 Not Charging..... Ideas?

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Ever since I got the old girl running, it has never charged. All I have done so far is change out the alternator and that didn't help. (It was a known good one that I 'Borrowed' so all I'm out is the labor in swapping it so far....)

There are a few threads across the internet that show some of the things to check here and there. Since this truck doesn't have an external regulator I believe it is built into the PCM on the inner fender. I was all set to start testing this system out when I found a thread about how if the CPS is not working then the PCM won't charge. I believe the CPS is missing . . . . .

Do any of you know if this is true (That it won't charge. :redx I think I know that the CPS is missing because there is a plug that would reach up to the front of the engine and of course there is no CPS to plug into!)?

Does anyone have a pic of the CPS? I wonder if I can just buy one from the parts house?

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I'm reasonably sure this is why it isn't charging!! I wonder what other problems not having a crank position sensor is causing me!

Do any of you have a crank sensor that I could buy from you?

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