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Well gang I figure I do a simple little show and tell of the 24V injectors for ya...

Here is a stock 24V injector (235 HP)


Now lets break it down into pieces... (Body, spring shim. spring, pintle seat, mid-body, pintle, nozzle, collar nut, and the copper shim)


Ok some people don't understand how small the nozzle holes are... Here is a 10x Mag of the nozzle tip.


With and Without pintle in the nozzle take notice to the upper hole that is the fuel hole.



Here is the pintle needle...


So there you go a 24V injector opened up so other can understand what is there... :ok:

Edited by Mopar1973Man

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I never thought of CR injectors as much harder or more complicated but they sure do cost more!! Ouch!!

Excellent pics!! Thanks!

If you look at the tip with the naked eye it is almost hard to see those little holes!!! It is amazing just how small they really are!!!

I really think we should make a video of the different 5.9L Cummins models firing an injector to the atmosphere while idling!!! I think it would be awesome!

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      They ARE Now available. Many have been waiting for the best possible injectors for their 6.7 Cummins.
      These Injectors have been in testing for a while in the U.S. and a lot longer in Europe with awesome results just like the 5.9 BBi Injectors.
      BBI ( Big Bang Injection ) proudly presents our new series 6.7 Injectors
      Originaly, these injectors have a flow rate of 66l/h @ a pressure of 100bar.
      nozzle flow rate of 96l/h/100bar ----> 45% increase compared to stock.
      These injectors will give you up to 900 rwhp. It can be called a "race" injector but is usable in a work truck with NO disatvantages. You are getting a Superior working injector that is even better in all ratings than the originals.
      To reach the 900hp range a dual cp3 system is a must.
      Stage 3.
      nozzle flow rate of 120l/h/100bar ----> 82% increase compared to stock
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      I am wanting to upgrade my injectors/ tips. I am thinking of just doing the tips now and go with 60 or 90 horse tip. Which would be better? My CP3 is stock and injectors are stock and turbo is stock. In the feature I want twins.
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      I had new injectors installed friday and here is the pictures of the old ones. I am wondering why some of the old injectors are darker then the rest of them?

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      Ok Gang...
      While I was out on my camping trip and hauling around my 31' Jayco Eagle Travel Trailer I had some weird fuel pressure problems occuring. Start up cold and get 17.5 just about 18 PSI at a idle and then pull the grade up to New Meadows, ID still holding 16 PSI which is normal and fine. But now as the day got hotter and we got down around Council, ID the pressure fell off to 12.5 at WOT and idled at 15 PSI. Hua??? While I was stopped the at one place I played with bumping the starter and you can see 17-18 PSI and then hear a change in pump pitch and the pressure fall again to 15 PSI. It's like the check ball is hanging up again. So I'm going to pull it back apart and double check again. So later on down the road I pick up fuel I figured I add a extra few ounce of 2 cycle oil than typical. Well the pressure went right back up to normal 17-18 PSI at idle and remain normal the rest of the day with no problems.
      (Enjoying our camping)
      Now hitched back up early morning and started my way back out of Lowman, ID and got good strong fuel pressure. But by the time I got to Banks, ID the fuel pressure was starting a to fall again. It went back down to the 12-15 PSI range again. On a few other stops I play again with bumping the start and sure enough yo can see 17 PSI for a burst of a second or two and then falls with change of pitch of the pump. I wondering if the fuel temperature is effecting the check ball and spring some how that its not working properly? Because with cold fuel its working fine but as a soon as the fuel warms up it sinks in pressure?
      Yes... I got a fresh set of donaldson filters on my truck and no change with that...
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