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Can Any One Run a CarFax Check for Me?

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My boy is looking at getting a Super Duty and I was wondering if anyone has a subscription to CarFax that would be able to run a VIN check on it. If you can shoot me a text or post here and I can send you what ever info you need.



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They do have (Or did have ..... ?) a subscription plan. I was just trying to be cheap and help out my boy do some more research on this prospective purchase.... That is the other thing: I really thought the single reports used to be $10 or $15.... I guess we really don't have any inflation going on in our country though do we. . . . . :wall:

We found out it sold, so, for now it doesn't matter. I guess we need to turn around the certified check and send it back to the bank when it gets here.....

He is like me a little though (Moving up to a little newer and fancier model!) and now he has plans of looking for a little newer King Ranch so we shall see what happens.

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Well. . . . . I'm not exactly sure!!

He call me and says: 'Hey, I got over 19 on my last tank around Boise' and I am reminded that I get as much as 15.6 out of mine on the freeway. And since he got the bugs out of it, it has been running ever since like a top!!

I have to admit I am not sure I want to see him spend that much on a truck but he is working hard and all so maybe it wouldn't be too bad of a deal........

(As mean as I am about 'Fords' I have to admit that for the most part I like the trucks!)

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I'll admit it: I'm sick!!! I will mess with anything that might run and be fun! Course if I have to mess with it much, and it is repeatedly the same problems or it is hard to mess with then I quickly loose interest, throw it away and move on!

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