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Dick Davis

Oregon CCW Reciprocity

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Per our discussion at the Wed dinner meeting....

Oregon Firearms Federation Political Action Committee

OFF PAC is the political action committee of the Oregon Firearms Federation.

Originally founded to battle the notorious “Measure 5,†(Sheriff Noelle’s Scam) your contributions to OFF-PAC are used to help elect men and women who still believe in your God given right to self protection.

More importantly, OFFPAC is the single best way to torpedo the campaigns of candidates who think your freedoms are negotiable.

Your contributions to OFFPAC qualify for a credit on your Oregon State income tax.

Contributions of up to $50.00 for an individual and $100.00 for a married couple can be taken right off your Oregon State tax bill.

That means money that would have gone to the government can go to OFFPAC and its efforts to keep freedom haters out of office. In other words, your contribution could cost you NOTHING.

Oregon's tax credit for PAC's is a great deal, but many are confused about the rules. Below we've listed some facts about PAC's you should know.

New rules for contributions are in effect, retroactively to August 29th 2005.

Now if your contribution is more than $100.00 we are required to request the name and location of your employer, and your occupation. A specific occupation is required, such as Medical Doctor. "Businessman" is not accepted. In the past we needed to collect that information if your donation was greater than $50.00. Please note that in the past we only needed an occupation OR an employer's address. Now we need both, but ONLY if your donation is greater than $100.00.

The tax write off remains the same. You may contribute as much as you like, however, the tax credit limit is $50.00 for an individual and $100.00 for a married couple per year.

Only personal information on contributions of over $100.00 is now reported to the Secretary of State, but that refers to your total contributions in a "reporting period." In years where there are elections, the primary is one "reporting period" and the general election (and for some months into the following year) is a second "reporting period." So if you gave $100.00 during the primary and $100.00 during the general, your personal information need not be reported to the Secretary of State.

The person who signs the check or owns the credit card is considered the contributor, unless you indicate otherwise. So, the information about name and occupation needs to be from the "giver."

However, if, for example, your spouse signs a check, but the contribution is from you, you need only tell us that and you will be reported as the contributor regardless of who signed the check or owns the credit card. We do NOT need the occupation of both husband and wife for you to take advantage of the $100.00 tax credit, only the person who is considered the contributor.

A husband and wife can donate together. For example, if you and your spouse both want to contribute $100.00, a single check for $200.00 can be sent. If you indicate that each partner contributed $100.00, each partner would be below the reportable limit, and you need not share information about your employer or occupation, unless later in the "reporting period," one or both of you contribute more and your total for the "reporting period" is over $100.00. However, be advised that the limit for the tax credit remains $100.00 for a married couple filing together.

Please call us if you have any question about the best way to take advantage of this credit.

To contribute, please use this link, or go here for a printable form. For more info on tax credits go here.

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As a resident of a San Francisco suburb - Portland OR - and a member of OFF at this point they are the most important gun rights organization in Oregon. They the only group standing between the liberal gun ban groups and the 2nd amendment.


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Today in the House Judiciary Committee, three bills of interest to gun owners were heard, But without question, the one that most gun owners will want to know about was HB 2463.

This bill recognizes the concealed handgun licenses of all other states.

At the request of OFF, an amendment was drafted that extended that recognition to Alaska and Vermont, which allow their residents to carry concealed without a license.

As you know, this type of legislation has been introduced many times in the past and has always generated resistance from the Oregon Sheriffs.

At today's hearing, the representative of the Oregon Sheriffs stated that they no longer opposed recognizing the CHL's of other states. This is a significant breakthrough in our efforts to have Oregon join the many states that allow non-residents to be safe while visiting .

We strongly urge you to contact the House Judiciary Committee and express your support for HB 2463. Please remind them that this bill not only helps non-residents, but will help Oregonians whose licenses would be recognized in many states if Oregon recognizes theirs. A sample message and contact information follow at the bottom of this page.

Oregon currently recognizes NO other state permits. This bill would change that and open up numerous other states to concealed carry by Oregon residents.

Five pro-gun bills requested by OFF have been introduced as well this week. You can see them on here. They are Senate Bills 567,568,569,573 and 603. The sponsor for all these bills was Senator Brian Boquist. We will keep you informed on these bills' progress.

One more note. We have received countless e-mails and phone calls about HR 45,

While this bill (in the US Congress) is troubling and extreme, there is no indication right now that it is going anywhere. If that changes, we will let you know immediately.

House Judiciary Committee.


Dear Representative,

HB 2463 is a much needed change in Oregon law that would not only allow visitors to Oregon to protect themselves lawfully, but allow Oregon residents to have the same freedoms in many other states. I urge your support.



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What address would a non-resident send this letter to? And which Representative should receive it? Do we need to identify a Representative's name in the letter? How much time do we have to get this letter to the House Judiciary Committee?

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