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Camry Diesel

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1984 Toyota Camry Diesel - $2750 (Marsing)

Date: 2011-08-14, 2:21PM MDT

Reply to: sale-kdnhw-2546675634@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Very rare and still running and getting 40 plus miles to the gallon!!!! Only year Toyota made the 1.8 litre turbo diesel Camry. Even as a parts car, this good rolling car is worth plenty more than the 2750.00 OBO that I'm asking. Collectors, you want to check this out! respond with an email to set up a time to take a look! My name is Patrick.

  • Location: Marsing

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I sent him an email...... Too bad he has priced me way out of getting it; but, who knows. Stranger things have happened. You guys need to help me out and start contacting him with offers of just a few hundred dollars. Maybe it will help him wise up and drop it down for me!!!! That would be cool to have a diesel runner......

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I blew it..... Forgot to tell my wife I had sent this guy an email! He called just before I got up so she was blind sided (once again!). She wrote out a pretty good note though. He went over the whole 'this is a collectable and if it were back east then it would be worth a fortune even as a parts car' . . . . He said that the throttle valve had been leaking but that had been replaced or repaired. I have never seen one of these so I don't know that he doesn't know what he is saying but I did graduate from a pretty good college diesel program. . . . :redx

It would be nice though to have this thing I think.... Wonder if it is a Toyota engine or other? I did notice there is no mention of miles in either his CL ad or his conversation with my wife..... Wonder why that is :nana:

You guys start offering about $200!! (I think my daughter has about $500 I could borrow. . . . )

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