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dependable 25 rnd mags for 10/22

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For many years now, the Ruger 10/22 rifle has been the hottest-selling rimfire rifle on the planet, and for good reason. While many designs for rimfire semi-automatic rifles have come and gone, the Ruger is one of only a very few to have held on for decades, and sales are still as strong as ever for this dandy rifle.

The aftermarket is flush with parts and accessories for the Ruger 10/22, and one of the most popular for many years has been higher-capacity magazines, compared to the excellent ten-round factory magazine. The Ruger factory magazine is the standard of reliability for this rifle, which is shared with the Ruger 77/22 bolt action rifle. Several different brands of aftermarket mags have been available that hold from twenty-five up through 100 rounds of 22 Long Rifle ammo, but the quality of these aftermarket magazines vary from pretty good to absolute junk.

Now, Ruger is finally building their own twenty-five round magazine, called the BX-25, and it is built to the same high standards using the same quality materials as their legendary ten-shot rotary magazine. The BX-25 uses a constant force spring for ease of loading, and the critical feed lips and the studs which lock the magazine into the action are made of stainless steel. It is these two critical parts which often fail on the cheap aftermarket magazines, as they are prone to wear, and the plastic often used for these parts does not hold up to heavy use.

The BX-25 weighs in at 6.4 ounces empty, and extends about five and one-half inches below the bottom of the receiver. The magazine can be taken apart for easy cleaning by removing hex-head screws.

I tried out the BX-25 in both a Ruger "Boy Scout" 10/22 and also in a Tactical Solutions receiver, with every brand and type of 22 Long Rifle ammo available to me, and the BX-25 functioned perfectly, without fail. The quality of the BX-25 is vastly superior to most of the aftermarket magazines available. You never regret buying the best.

This BX-25 is built to last, built with quality components, and built in the USA. It is available for purchase from any Ruger firearms dealer or online at www.shopruger.com.

Jeff Quinn






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These look very sturdy. I have a Shooters Ridge 25-round magazine, that works very well. It's the clear-plastic type, but I've had no trouble with it.

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oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have butler creek. more dependable with certain ammo. not anywhere near 100%. tried eagle.

wonder what the cost of these bx25's?

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I've used the Steel Lips mags and have had minimal issues, mostly due to the ton of wax on some of the .22LR rounds. I really wish there was a manufacturer out there that didn't apply so much of that gunk on these rounds.


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