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brand new S X S is out

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Sorry guys, but that is bad ass lookin! I like the suspension and the HP potential. I have never been a cat fan ( cept for ones in petes...) but bieng an ol duner i likey!! I have a friend that has a rzr s and i admit to it bieng hard to exit with the cab on, but with out its ok. Not a power house, but suprises me in the technical stuff. :ok::ok: from me.

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does look good. but maybe for a dune runner if that is important to you. backroads etc would work too. doesnt look to be tough enuff for the real rough slow stuff. i sure wouldnt want to get in and out of it but that is me.

it would be fun in certain areas esp with the extra pwr and good susp





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I would love one. But somehow I doubt I could get my bulk inside and if I did the only way I could get out is to roll over onto the ground.:lol: I love riding with Muddy, and Curtis when he doesn't get to crazy, but the seatbelts aren't long enough and with those guys you better wear seat belts.

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