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"gay pride" ...wtf, there is no such thing

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good question. how can they be proud of the disgusting things they do. proud to be a poop poker. a turd burgler. immoral and the scum of this earth in it's most vile form. proud to admit they like receiving golden showers or sticking gerbils up their asses. [on days they dont have other faggots fisting their asses] and proclaiming that they do this weird activity amongst other weirdos of their same sex, to the public, claiming to be proud of this sickening weirdness they like to particapate in with like minded sicko perverts. going as far as to disrupt normal peoples daily lives by trying to get attn with their nakid bycycle parades and other queer events. funny how democrats flock to support these ill minded freaks and their most abnormal behavior and make it a cause of theirs, eh!!!!!!!!!!!

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