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Go Kart Time!

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Ok, special thanks to a buddy in El Paso for taking time to snag this for me and keeping it at his house for a couple days until I could get down to pick it up. Last year I bought a 32 ford kart for my son. Well, work and life has gotten in the way and my son and I spent the day cleaning the garage and working on the kart. Its time I spend more quality time with the little ones and let other things aside.

Here are some pics of the kart. Chad was gracious enough to go over and look at it for me to ensure it was as good in real life as it was in the pics. Has tuck and roll interior. working head and tail lights. The previous owner never put it on asphalt but had it hanging up in his restaurant as a display. It never had a motor, live axle, pedals, brakes. Bought a motor today (harbor freight 6.5hp horizontal shaft $99.95). Ordering live axle, brakes, pedals, cables, clutch, sprocket and chain tonight so in 2 weeks he is out tearing up the asphalt!

these pics are of when Chad went down to look at it.




the "julian perez" stickers are GONE! LOL


surrounded by a garage full of junk. now cleared out and engine sitting in





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bought the final parts today. $430 later and crossing fingers I won't need anything else (but the chain but buy it locally). will post pics of the build. going to be a great time with the boy.

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Scott- My lil brother has the shifter there in Donnelly. We ride it every time I am home. Thing is too fun

Got a couple boxes of parts for the kids kart. axle bearing/plates, brake disc and caliper mount went back order for a few days. crossing fingers they show up this week so we can build this weekend!

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