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2007 LBZ track day

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Went to the track for the first time with the new truck. Home town track at 2800' Firbird raceway.

Truck had the tail gate on and the back seat in, but spare and hitch off. Everything else attached.

1ST run was a 12.26 @ 110MPH.

2ND run was a 16.69eek.gif "opps, better change the tune back"biggrin.gif

3RD run was a 12.210 @ 110MPH (added a bit of fuel)

4TH run I turned up the wastegate and added a little more fuel...going like a raped ape and limped the tranny going into 5thmad.gif

EFI has some work on the LBZ. The truck would shift perfect until the 4/5 shift, then it would hang on the rev. limiter(3500) and then shift.

I still have some tuning work ahead of me. Watching the logs, there is a lot on the table. This truck will be quite a bit quicker than the last one it appears, once the issues are worked out, that is.

I meet John with the big beautiful blue mega-cab dodge that was in the Diesel Power mag. a couple months back. He dipped into the 12's with 35' tires and a lift.:thumbup:

Take care,


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Guest 9812VCTD

Congrats those are some Awesome times as you said once you work the bugs out......Look out!:thumbup:


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Wow...Nice Job!!!!!! I am surprised you limped your biult tranny. You gotta be puttin some HP down.

Me too Steve, the same tranny mods went over 300-400 1/4 mile passes in the 11's and 12's last year. Might be the new computer or the 6 speed, not sure yet. The code was a solenoid stuck code, and I had some funky stuff happen in the stageing lanes. Might be as simple as a stuck valve. I'll check it out this week.

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