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Aint no newbie!

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Well I cant say really wether I am or I am not... I know a good amount in general about or engines but am no expert and have no real clue as to real performance, just what I have read.

Anyhow, onto who I am. For those of you who do not know me, I am Jeremy, AKA NukleusX. I am 22. I was born and raised here in Southern California (and I HATE it here). If all goes well and as is planned, I will be moving up to Hayley, ID here by the end of May, to work for a lifelong friend of my father's who owns a construction business. My uncle (dad's youngest brother) is already up there working for the outfit himself.

As for more about me, first and formost I love diesels. My dad has driven diesel service trucks since as far back as I can remember (I was born in 84, he had GMC's until I was probably 10 or so) then he got the 90 Cummins that I have been driving past 4 years or so in about 96. He was going to it with a service body but he had a truck already and I needed a truck so he sold me the 90 CTD and kept his service truck. He currently has an 05 PSD which he wishes he never bought but thats another story. I currently drive a 94 CTD which I sold my 90 for. I love it but she needs a new tranny ASAP.

Anyhow, any and all questions/comments/ demands for me to leave are welcome! :lol: Hope to talk to you guys soon on here and meet all yall eventually once I get up there!


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Guest 9812VCTD

Seems like we've chatted before LOL!:lol: Glad to have you on the site hopefully you can make it to one of our events!:thumbup:


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Guest Mopar1973Man

Hey Nuk...

Long time no see bud... Well I hope you enjoy your stay here at IBF.com where you get moved up to Idaho! :thumbup:

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Guest ShanesLB7

:thumbup: Welcome.. I did a stint in cali 1 Year was all it took for me!! I had my bags packed and was outaaa that hell hole!! Hailey's not much better but better scenery!!


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