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here is a couple of pictures of one of the jobs I was on, the dodge would back up but I was coming out of a corner and couldnt get a run at it , the wash started going uphill from there, and we had driven through there so many times there was no bottom left to the sand for about 200 yards. second pick what I used to pull it out.



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LOL, yeah these 'fat girls' are no good in the soft stuff! I'm sure glad I got a 4x4 though because these things can get in trouble 'in town' and I can't imagine not having 4x4 when it is needed beside the pavement!

Was that a theft recovery? Just seemed like that might have been a nice enough van at one time to not part out just yet......

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the van was set up for downwell camera surveys and geologging. lots of complicated equipment inside. some kid texting ran a red light and nailed it the day before the geologist was leaving. So it got loaded it up and hauled it to arizona for the project. towing that thing got real old in a hurry.

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