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ITD dinner meet @ nampa sizzler. wednesday november 17th

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Wednesday, NOV 17th, at Nampa Sizzler

As always, good people and a good time and a good meal. Sizzler has a great salad bar.

BOMB'ers start to meet at 6 PM in the lot and move inside 6:45 ish or so.

The Idaho BOMB'ers club has been meeting since 2002 in the Treasure Valley and around the state, and has acumulated many great members.

We have some upcoming events in the works. Our recent camp trip was a success. Future dyno days later in the year are also scheduled. A play day and sled pull is on the schedule. BOMB events also. Several camp trips are on the agenda. Coming up soon in fact. Check out the BOMB'ers Camp and Weapons Shoot thread. :train: Also a Christmas celebration dinner and getogether under the BIG TOP in December. And as usual upcoming dinner meets will be scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The Idaho BOMB'ers have a full callender. Read all the details in the proper Idaho Turbo Diesels forum threads at www.idahoturbodiesels.com .



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i had discussed this with the manager after the last meet. we had 24 members in attendence and that was just a few more for the table arrangement. we discussed alternate seating arrangements that would work for that number or up to 30 if needed. i am going in before the meet as they arrange the tables to asure that they arrrange the tables to seat all of us so we dont need to arrange the tables as late comers arrive. also it will be T shaped so maybe i can sit where i can hear more members without a translator being needed :thumbup:

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i like the original chinaman meeting room how that tble was for meetings..... but the chinaman food got old real quick. talk about bad taste :think:

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sorry folks couldnt make it, last minute change.. maybe next month we have it at another place..spread it around, plus we get some good bombvoys going...:think:the jb's restaurant on meridian has great all you can eat specials advertised..and might have all you can drink ice tea:ok:

Have a great turkey day.. anyone interested in playin in the hills on black friday:whistle:

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what a good meet :thumbup:

14 in attendance. a slight breeze made it where we went inside earlier than normal.

we had a lot to talk about. re-caping the past events. and discusing future events, as well as several very interesting topics, and some of us getting some education.

the last weekend event was such a success that we will schedule another just like it when weather gets better. as to playing in the hills, yes, that was discusssed also. soon to happen :thumbup: we had 8 ITD camp trips thruout 2010, in the hills and at BOMB parties. members are looking fwd to more of them. some want to schedule an off road ride too.

as to JB's, may be a good spot for an upcoming 'special' weekend dinner meet as it will be past due time for another.

however, december is another fun packed month for ITD. sunday the 5th is dyno day at motor mayhem. saturday the 11th is Christmas celebration and feast under the BIG TOP. the 3rd wed of dec is another dinner meet at sizzler in nampa.

the crew at sizzler done us right with the seating arrangements this time. set up and had room and arranged to where it is easier for several to have a conversation.

yes, a great meet :cheer:

more info later and pics on the way.....

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