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California caught in lie about diesel emissions.

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California Caught In Lie About Diesel Emissions

By Sam HaymartPublished: October 11, 2010Posted in: Industry, RandomTags: air quality, california, carb, Diesel, emissions, legislations, regulation


You know when the enviro nazis that run the California Air Resources Board (CARB) have overstepped when even a liberal far left rag like the San Francisco Chronicle is exposing their lies. This comes as we have just learned that CARB falsified and overstated the effects and pollution of diesel emissions by 340 percent in order to push their clamp down “green†agenda.

These are lies that have cost the private sector and the state of California potentially billions of dollars to upfit fleets of trucks, busses, tractors and other equipment to meet the landmark new emissions regulations that were the result of the trumped up studies. Additionally, the resulting legislation has made bringing diesel automobiles and pick-ups to market in California that much more difficult.

The spin in the past days by the liberal left enviro-loons is that the over calculation is due to the slumping economy, more lies. The reality is that the diesel emissions they claimed to exist never did. Period. Now the agency is being forced to backtrack on the legislation they based on the false studies, lessening the requirements of the California laws.

While that is a good result to the truth being exposed, the problem is that thousands of businesses were forced to spend huge amounts of money to fit their equipment with expensive particulate traps and other emissions equipment in a deep recession. This has actually caused many businesses to shut down due to the prohibitive costs. Now we find out it wasn’t necessary at all.


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I read that article too, it was posted over on DTR.

They never did anything scientific with that study, including the "scientist" that wasn't qualified to do his job, and that the CARB Chairwowan knew he wasn't but never informed the rest of the board.

They also never used hard data for the study, including making estimates on amounts of fuel used instead of going to the actual data for fuel sales the State keeps tracks of. Come to find out, the estimated amount of fuel was way over the "scientific estimates" by a considerable amount.

The kicker of that article was also the number of deaths due to diesel particulate matter, which was estimated at 1800 but was "readjusted" to less than 900. Lots of folks don't realize that diesel particulate matter is heavier than air, so you would either need to snort the ground or be in an environment with lots of diesel smoke to inhale enough particulates to die from it. To prove this, the City of Los Angeles did a study of the matter their street sweepers remove from both city streets and highways ..... and they found a majority of the matter removed from the streets was tire dust and diesel particulate matter.

Make today your "Hug a Liberal Day" ...... at least till they pass out.


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unfortunately the fallout here is permanent, ever since all this bullshit (pardon my french) happened, we started smogging diesels 98 and newer and once something carb or epa related is on the books, its never coming off =/

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You know: That mentality is something I never understood!!

If it is a law written on paper - How Permanent is That!! I mean, you realize you screwed up, you tear up the paper, throw it in the trash and start over!! A bad law or rule should be the easiest thing in the world to change! But for whatever reason we have always had the mindset in this country that we never throw away or change a dumb rule or law like this . . . . . (Not that this is one of my pet peeves or anything! . . . . . LOL)

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Don't!! You will only get a head ache! To understand politicians you would have to be damaged goods . . . . Just ain't going to happen unless you find a really big hammer or worse . . . . . .

You know: This is kind of funny. Today I heard that another gov't agency was caught in a lie and a false study. I can't even remember what it was about. Might have been land grabbing for 'National Parks' or some other scam.

Also today we were in town in our 'new' Caravan (Thanks Geico!) and started smelling something bad. At first I wondered if the new van was burning down. Then my eyes started burning and I could see it was from something ahead of us on the road and realized it was unburnt diesel. When the stalled out rig got to the side of the road and traffic cleared out I could see it was a near new Ford diesel p.u. It was smoking badly out the tail pipe which confirmed my belief it was diesel we were smelling and chocking from. Now I know Ford has had some troubles with their newer diesels (Something about flames out the tail pipe!) but I remembered this post and I also have to think that if this thing was forcing a re-gen to clear out it's DPF then I am impressed with how much better this is for the environment. I was coughing for a good 5 min trying to get that cleared out of my lungs and we were only behind him for about a block. Yeah, I 'really think their new emissions are going to help all of us out of our troubles' . . . . .

I don't think I should tell my cousin about this thread's original subject. He recently bought a new truck so he could still haul into Commifornia. Originally he had said he would just jettison who ever's cargo at the border and they could figure out how to get it into the state. With the economic collapse we now have he had to take what work he could find and that involved hauling to customers inside the state. . . . They really do have a fine mess going don't they!!!!

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