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voulenteer emergency personal

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for those of you that are voulenteers as a emergency personal what kinda emergency lighting do you have? pics are good.

right now i just have the alternating wig/wags in headlights and tailight reverse light flashers, then threw a set of strobes in the fog lights and parking lights up front..

i just got my blue light allowed certificate and is hightly recommended getting them.. they recomend having 2 in rear, 2 in front and 2 on side.

i do not want a light bar as those are 1000 plus bucks.. im a voulenteer not paid i cannot afford to spend that kidna money.

i was prob just gonna get a set of 6 halogens as they are about 45 bucks a pop and a flasher to flash em. and hten maby a rearview mirror light..

was gonna stick 2 in the rear deck up in the corners, one in each side window in the extended cab and 2 behind the grill...

what do you have and what do you like dislike about em?

right now i just have the code3 alternating wigwag flasher system, and tailight flasher system, and 2 cheap autozone strobes for corners and fogs..

but getting blues asap.

aslo what do you do that requires use of lights?

im part of a search and rescue group and emergency corps.

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Guest Mopar1973Man



This is what I got... Its a small set of rotating light and it is magnetic. Really simple to setup and work awesome. Plug into the cigarette lighter.


Except I'm going to pull the orginal cord out and hard wire it place. I'm going to add a external disconnect and wire it to a toggle and mount it somewhere in the cab... Basically once you set it up its a PITA to take off the truck. So I'm going to make mine semi-permanent.

I got No Wig Wags or Siren. But I normally use my hazards and headlights together as a team with the RED lights.

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